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Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan Biography

About Joya

Joya Ahsan is one of the most top popular face in Bangladeshi film industry. Joya ahsan is a bengali model and movie actress in Bangladesh, she starts her primary career in Tv serial and modeling and now she is a huge successful Bangali actress in Bangladesh. Joya Ahsan known as a legendary classic actress in Bangladesh industry. Joya's golden career year started in the film from 2010 to present by giving lots of successful movies in the industry.

Little Biography
Full Name: Joya Ahsan (Joya's last name was brought by her husband)
Nick Name: Joya
Born: 1 July 1972
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Profession: TV And Cinema Actress, Model
Spouse: Faisal Ahsan (Hubby)
Current Status: Divorced in 2011
Home District: Jhenaidah, Bangladesh
Extra Curricular: Singing, drawing, dancing (She took diploma course in Robindra Sangeet)

Film Career
Joya Ahsan made her acting debut in Bangladesh film industry. No doubt she is one of the most elegant and pretty woman in Bangladeshi film industry.  Most of the viewer likes her film. Joya Ahsan also wants to acting lot of film. Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahsan wants to see herself being a famous celebrity. Joya Ahsan established herself as one of Bangladeshi film's leading actresses and accomplished dancers. Joya Ahsan appeared in numerous commercial successes and was recognized for several performances as well as dance numbers in various films. Joya Ahsan is often cited by the media as one of the most prominent female actresses in Bangladesh film.

Purnodoirgho Prem Kahini (2013) upcoming
Chorabali with (2012)
Guerrilla (2011)
Dubsatar (2010)
Phire Esho Behula (2010)
Bachelor (2003)

Drama (Serials)
Amader Choto Nodi
Dorjar Opashe
Labbonno Probha
Mone Mone
Polayon Porbo
Sixty Nine (69)
Manush Badal
Choita pagol

Drama (Non-Serials)
Na Komola na Meherjan
No men land
Off Beat
Tarporo angurlata nandoke valobase
Jononir kanna
Tarpor paruler din
Maya athoba mrittur galpo
Ferar poth nei, chilo na kono kale
Obak sondesh
Bikol pakhir gan
Bhalobashi tai Bhalobeshe Jai
Amader Jibon
Nirjhor Shakkor
Eider Dairy
Maya O Mitur Golpo
Ononto Odhora
Shopno Siri
Lota Pata

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Bangladeshi Popular actress Mousumi's Biography and new picture

Biography of Bangladeshi Actress Mousumi

Name : Moushumi
Full Name : Arifa Zaman (Moushumi)
Father's Name : Nazmuzzaman Moni
Mother's Name : Shamim Akter Jahan
Brother & Sister: Snikdha and Other Is Erin
Birth Date : 3rd November
Birth Place : Khulna, BangladeshEducational Qualification : Bachelor of ArtsOccupation : Modeling, Directing and Acting
Marital Status : Married
Spouse (Husband) : Omar Sunny / ওমর সানি (Bangladeshi Film Actor)
Children : Fardin EhsanFavorite Food : Ice Cream, Mango and Honey Due
Favorite Dress : Shari
Her 1st Modeling : Meril Skin Care Cream
Her 1st Movie : Keyamat Theke Keyamat
Her 1st Movie's Co-Artist : (Late) Salman Shah
Her 1st Movie's Director : Shohanur Rahman Shohan
Her 1st Movie's Releasing Date : 25th March, 1993
Her 1st Directed Movie and Date: Kokono Megh Kokono Bristy, 2003
Best Couple on Screen: Ferdous Ahmed and Mousumi
Present Movie: Moynamotir Songsar with Ferdous and Projapoti with Jahid Hasan and Musaruf Korim

In Addition..

Mousumi is an Bangladeshi famous Actress and she started her career life in 90s century. Her first film was "Kiyamat theke Keyamat" with the popular actor Salman Shah. Mousumi is one of the successful actress and director in Dhallywood. "Kokono Megh Kokono Bristy" 2003 was her first directed film and second one is "Meher Nigar" 2006

Bangla Ads by actress Mousumi and Model Nobel

This is one of the actress Mousumi's picture from Bangla Movie Projapoti

Mousumi directed her first film call Kokono Megh Kokono Bristi
cost: Raj-Razzak, Bobita, Ferdous Ahmed, Mousumi and Humayon Faridi

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Bangladeshi actress Mousumi


Bangladeshi actress Purnima

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Bangladeshi film actor ferdous...

Api Korim

Bangladeshi Drama actress Api Korim...

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Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel laureate poet, writer, philosopher was the ambassador of Indian culture to the rest of the world. He is probably the most prominent figure in the cultural world of Indian subcontinent and the first Asian person to be awarded with the Nobel Prize. Even though he is mainly known as a poet, his multifaceted talent showered upon different branches of art, such as, novels, short stories, dramas, articles, essays, painting etc. And his songs, popularly known as Rabindra sangeet, have an eternal appeal and is permanently placed in the heart of the Bengalis. He was a social reformer, patriot and above all, a great humanitarian and philosopher. India and Bangladesh - the national anthems of these two countries are taken from his composition.

Tagore was born on Tuesday, 7th May 1861 in a wealthy family in Calcutta at the address of 6, Dwarakanath Thakur Lane, Calcutta. He was the ninth son of Debenadranath and Sarada Devi. His grand father Dwarakanath Tagore was a rich landlord and social reformer. Even though he was from a very wealthy family, in those days Jorasanko house was a center of culture.

Tagore as a student in England 1880.
Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi
Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein
Rabindranath Tagore one hundred songs
Rabindranath Tagore's wife mrinalini devi